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Cookies policy

This website https://artesta.co.uk (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) may involve use of cookies.

Cookies are small amounts of information stored in your browser with the following stated purpose. In no case our cookies will process personal data that compromises your privacy.



Using this Website, the User gives express consent to us to allocate these cookies in her/his browser for all the purposes specified.



Following we expose the types of cookies used on the Website, as well as its purpose and third-parties cookies (service supplier).

  1. User account cookies: The purpose is to remember the last Users shopping cart.
  2. Identification user cookies: The purpose is to reuse the autologin when the User returns to the Website.
  3. Plug-in cookies: The purpose is to exchange social content:
    • Facebook (https://es-es.facebook.com)
    • Twitter (https://twitter.com/privacy)
    • Google (http://www.google.es/intl/es/policies/technologies/cookies/)
    • Pinterest (http://about.pinterest.com/privacy/)
    1. Analysis cookies: The purpose is to analyse and quantify the user browsing. The applications used to obtain the browsing, analyse and quantify the audience are:
      • Google Analytics: (www.google.com/analytics)
      • Facebook Business: (www.business.facebook.com)
      1. Advertising cookies: The purpose is to obtain information from users:
        • Google/ AdWords
        • Facebook Business: (www.business.facebook.com)
        1. Behaviour advertising cookies: The purpose is to collect the user habits and browsing.
          • Google/ AdWords
          • Criteo (http://www.criteo.com)


          Advertising based on behaviour is a practice focused on Internet browsing activity that allows the Website to show the User advertisements and content regarding the User interests. It is a secure practice, transparent that offers more control to the User.

          To obtain more information about behaviour advertising you can visit: http://www.youronlinechoices.com



          Occasionally, your browser may generate instant messages offering the possibility to object to the cookies setup. In the case your browser does not offers this possibility automatically, you can disable the setup following the instructions of your browser.

          To allow, understand, block or delete the cookies settled on your browser you can visit the following links:

          • Firefox (http://support.mozilla.org/es/products/firefox/cookies)
          • Chrome (http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=es&answer=95647)
            • Explorer (http://windows.microsoft.com/es-es/windows7/how-to-manage-cookies-in-internet-explorer-9)
            • Safari (http://support.apple.com/kb/ph5042)



            Artesta, can change at any time the Cookies Policy, so we encourage the User to check it regularly.



            If you use another browser, you can obtain more information about how to configure the cookies setup in the help section of this browser. If you need further information about how to configure the cookies setup, send us an email to info@artestastore.com.